About Us

Insightful4u is a small family owned enterprise distributing from the small village of Blidworth, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom. It is run by Paula Thomas whom from childhood has had a keen interest in natural remedies for skin conditions.

Insightful4u research and distribution of natural infused products for the skin is ongoing, as products from the natural world is constantly changing. Paula has recognised the need for more openness and honesty in the distribution of natural products. Transparency she believes is key. As for preserving natural products, she agrees some form of synthetic material has to be included to make it safe.

Also, sadly, there is the mistaken notion that once something is all natural it's good. However, much independent research shows that natural products can be toxic if not used properly. Certain individuals too can have allergies to even natural ingredients.

It is our intention to continually improve our product ranges and widen our distribution. This indeed will contribute to better and healthier skin.

Business Name                  Insightful4u

Address                               Blidworth, Mansfield
                                            NG21 0SS United Kingdom                               

Contact Person                   Mrs Paula Thomas 
Business Mobile                  07501031616