Our luxurious natural face wash is gentle enough to use twice a day. Cleaning deep down to refresh and stimulate the skin they contain no harsh chemicals to damage the natural protective oils of the skin. Based on current changes in lifestyle and work patterns, our essential sleep can either be day time or night time. Regardless of when however, during sleep bacteria from our saliva and oils from our hair can easily transfer to our face and eyes. Additionally, products we apply to our face before sleep need to be washed off to prepare the face for next cycle of activities of work or leisure.

If you wear make-up, best to use a natural make-up remover before using the face wash. When our natural face wash is used as directed, it can contribute to healthier and glowing skin. Select the right face wash according to your skin type and remember to use lukewarm and not hot water to wash your face, to prevent stripping the skin of the necessary oil barrier that maintain skin integrity.